Will Be Done Life Coaching

This is the foundation, the alpha and "Wow!  Mega!"  Following a free consultation, you and I will work together over a period of four weekly,one-on-one sessions tailored to transform your life.  You will emerge with the tools you need to shape your life into whatever you'd like it to be.  We'll be working with your Will, which is the immortal part of you that connects directly to the energy field that either makes things happen or stops them from manifesting.  Sound squishy and new agey?  It's anything but.  Will works fast, but you have to know how to communicate with it.

And though I'll miss you, you won't probably won't need me again until you're digging way deeper into the depths of your power in the future and need that guide to hold the flashlight!

Free Consultation:  Free

Four-week Coaching:  $425

Guilt Free! Coaching

This is a four-week advanced coaching.  You must have completed Will Be Done coaching in order to make sense of this training.  Sessions are conducted one-on-one in four weeks.

Guilt and shame are not simply emotions.  They are labels for an energy whose purpose is to prevent positive, purposeful manifestation.  Together, we will focus on recognizing the operation of guilt and shame within your Will and removing them as decision-making criteria.  Ideal for folks who cannot receive without feeling bad about it.

Four-week Coaching:  $495

Group Power Training/Public Speaking

The functional unit of change is the group.  But most groups come together, figure out they hate each other, and either disband (mercifully) or crawl on in dysfuction, ineffectiveness, and internal dissatisfaction.  Why?

Because we have forgotten the real power in the collective.  It is not in having more hands doing the same tasks.  Groups work when they bring together two or more superheros - and anyone who knows their life purpose and acts on it is a superhero - to beat the bad guys.  Seriously.  Even if the group is a knitting club.

Seminars and workshops are available for your group or organization.  These integrate Will Be Done Coaching techniques with exercises from the world of the theater.  Sounds crazy but trust me, it's fun, and it'll put everyone right in touch with the characters they're playing in life and in groups.  If you're trying to move your organization to true functionality, and make participation feel like the high calling it is, instead of the obligatory pain in the rump you've been settling for, get in touch with us.  I can work with leaders and entire groups in person, by phone, or online meeting.

I also speak with audiences either in person or in live webinars.  Please visit the Women Killing It! podcast episode aired on  October 4, 2017 to hear my conversation with host and client Sally Hubbard to get an idea of my public speaking.  Call 917-488-1080 or use the Contact Us form for pricing.