Manifestation Mythbusters Series

I’m a conspiracy theorist.  T-shirt, buttons, membership card, the works.

There are so many harmful and just plain made-up “rules” about what it takes to consciously manifest things in your life. These are the mainstream “self-help” requirements that say in one way or another, “Be, think, and feel perfect!  Otherwise, NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

It’s this kind of New Age/Law of Attraction/Write Lists and Check off Every Item shame-based thinking that has been passing as spiritually evolved, logical, and effective life improvement strategies. It is are none of these things. And here’s where my conspiracy antennae start pinging: I’m no smarter than anyone else. Millions of people have tried these approaches, often ending up worse than they started, thanks to now being discouraged on top of everything else.  So WHY isn’t anyone publicly pouncing on these principles?  One wonders if “they” are out to empower you or just distract you, take your money, and eat up your time. Hmmm.

So I’m doing a short series of audios called Manifestation Mythbusters. These are for all of us who have been brainwashed into believing in these myths without ever running them through the filters of our own common sense and hard-won life experience. Listen, I count myself in that group!
In this series, I’m going to take some of this foolishness to task.  Whether you coach with me or not, have a listen!

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