Please schedule your free phone consultation to learn how the coaching works, what you can expect in terms of assignments and what is required of you in order to maximize your results.  Meanwhile, here are a few frequently asked questions:

What’s your refund policy?

When you decide to receive coaching, I'll send you a coaching contract that will lay everything out clearly in writing about cancellations, refunds, and rescheduling sessions.   Generally, though, once you start, the coaching fee is non-refundable.

Do I need to travel to you for my sessions?

No.  All sessions are conducted by phone.  Sessions and consultations with clients outside of the Continental United States are conducted via Zoom online audio session.  It is perfectly fine with me if you wish to record any sessions for future reference (Zoom has that functionality.)

How much time should I plan on for doing my assignments?

Assignments will vary by person and task.  However, most assignments will take no more than 3-15 minutes per day.  Really!  It's not about working hard, but precisely.


What if I don't get results by the end of the coaching?

It's never happened so far.  Occasionally, a client will feel more at peace at the end of the coaching, but not be sure anything major has happened.  It has.  I know this because when I check in with them months later, I'll  find out that their lives have indeed dramatically improved.  Sometimes clients don't even realize that they are living very different lives or remember how that came to pass.  That tells me the correct use of their Will has become so habitual, they're not even aware of it any longer, nor are they surprised by the positive things happening in their lives.

Here's the other possibility, and this DOES happen sometimes.  Like I said, the coaching works.  So things start shifting.  Good starts coming in.  Bad starts going out, and fast.  This disorients some people.  They love it, but a part of them wants their tired-ass life back.  So when the coaching ends, they stop actively using their Will and things start going back to how they were before the coaching.  The good thing is they know more now, and can get out of the rut they're in when they finally are ready.  Sometimes it takes one more round of nonsense for them to say enough is enough.



What if I'd like more coaching after the four sessions?

You can have it!  I'm here for you should you find that you want additional coaching and guidance to keep the momentum going.  In the past year or so, I have had more clients than ever opting to continue with additional rounds of coaching, or move into ongoing monthly or bi-monthly maintenance sessions.  This helps them them to keep honing their Will skills and manifesting like a wild child.  This choice is open to you.

That said, the coaching TRULY is designed to set you up in just four weeks.


Does Will Be Done Life Coaching play well with others (my faith, my atheism, my agnosticism, my cynicism, the vision board I just made, the Law of attraction, etc.?)

You know I'm going to say yes.  However, the conceptual underpinnings and inspiration for my coaching are strongly spiritual.  But interestingly, the exercises you'll be doing require no faith or spiritual background on your part.  They and I merely require that you trust the process enough to follow instructions.  You do not have to believe that the exercises will do anything.  They will work regardless.

I have noticed one thing, though.  Folks who've read all the law of attraction, New Age, and go-crush-it books tend to need a week or two to get the hang of my approach and fully accept that I'm not using different words to teach them what they already know.  So, starting with a clean mental slate and an open mind to get the most out of the coaching is my best advice.