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Welcome from your Will Be Done Coach!

Hi!  My name is Jill Richburg.  I have been a life coach for 15 years, working with people who literally have transformed their lives.  All in just four weeks!

There are a couple of basic formats that life coaching generally follows.  Since they either don’t work  or don’t work for long, I don’t do any of them.  Typically, a coach will either:

  1. Shame you into changing (they call this accountability);
  2. Be your cheering section; or
  3. Help you set goals, then make sure you check off the steps toward achieving them.

While any of these can work SHORT TERM, I have found that they usually don’t stick because they follow the “diet” model of life transformation.  So long as you have to weigh in each week, you’re going to watch your donut intake.  Take away the scale and the person to be accountable to, and you’re usually right back to where you started, feeling worse than before.

What if you could learn how you manifest circumstances on command?  I mean learning to work the actual mechanism so that you – not a coach – have the power to improve your life whenever you want to?

The manifesting mechanism is your Will.

Will is not the same as desire.  It is not what you focus on most, what you visualize most, or what you fear most that manifests.  Maybe it has something to do with your “vibrations” the law of attraction folks like to talk about, but quite frankly, I don’t know what that means.  I don’t know how to vibrate.  Do you?  And what are we vibrating, anyway?

You manifest the “net contents” of your Will.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Why not learn what your Will is at any given moment, how to talk to it, and how to make it listen and interact with the Universe to bring you a life that is in alignment with your highest self?

What would it be worth to you to understand  – once and for all – why you find yourself in the same situations over and over again, year after year, even though the places and faces may change?  And to be able to lose your appetite for that story and actually start creating your life?

My clients have learned and experienced all these things.  It doesn’t take a genius to learn it, but it does take perfect practice and guidance.

The techniques you will learn are likely very different from any self-help approach you’ve tried in the past.  The first thing you may notice is that the assignments require a very short amount of time each week, and are deceptively simple.  The second thing you will notice is that things start to change very quickly and in many areas of your life.  It’s a ride!  This is why I am happy to offer (okay, I insist on) a free, no-obligation  initial consultation so that you can ask questions beforehand and make sure you’re truly ready for change.


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